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Jordan Moeller

Comedian | Actor | Writer

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Seattle SketchFest - 2022.jpg
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Seattle SketchFest - 2022.jpg
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Portland Sketch Com
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Portland Sketch Com
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Philly Sketch Comedy Film Festival - 2021_edited.jpg
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Seattle Sketchfest - 2021_edited.jpg
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Portland Sketch Com
jordan-moeller-4548 small X.jpg

Since moving to Brooklyn from Seattle in the fall of 2019, I have become a writing and performing member of house teams at the PIT and BoogieManja. My work has been featured on Characters Welcome, Toronto Sketch Fest, NYC Sketch Fest, Seattle Sketch Fest, NYC Solocom, Old School Sketch Show, Characters Characters Characters, Bumbershoot Music Festival, and many more festivals and events across the continent.


In Seattle I cofounded the award-winning, dance-centric and anti-capitalist sketch comedy groups Villains and Time Bath, as well as DangerSwitch!, a formidable, critically-acclaimed clown ensemble, and the multi-disciplinary HERON Ensemble.


In addition to comedy I've led musicals, dramatic plays, satires, Shakespearean tragedies and countless other delicious stories since starting my career in 2015.

Currently I'm performing monthly with BoogieManja team, The Right Stuff.



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