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The Arsonists:

"The arsonists are fun, too. The ex-wrestler (Jordan Moeller) looks and acts like a lumberjack with his big beard, leather suspenders, and boorish table manners." - Brendan Kiley, Seattle Times


"Embodied his character's charm and deceptiveness very well. Funny and likable." - Gregory Awards Nominator

"Jordan was great - he had a jovial menace about him that came across clearly. Stole the scenes he was in." - Gregory Awards Nominator


"Jordan Moeller, as an Emu, who wanders into the bar from Australia, put in an outstanding performance, with an authentic accent, which was still understandable and made his lines come alive. He also added a lot of Emu-like physicality to his character which was highly amusing." - Marie Bonfils,

Scary Mary and the Nightmares Nine:

"Dirge was Good - but as Jon-Jon Moeller was indelible." - Gregory Awards Nominator

"Moeller had a risky and super-fun dance number that he owned the whole way through. Throughout the play he is super-engaging to watch without stealing focus." - Gregory Awards Nominator

"Why does Moeller lead the ensemble in a tightly choreographed aerobic dance number? Well, why not?" - Dusty Somers, Seattle Times

                            Seattle Gay News Review                   City Arts Review



"This isn't a cast: it's a family. It's a well-oiled machine. It's a gutted fish. The vulnerability and honesty of the cast is palpable, from beginning to end.... 5/5 Stars" - Amelia Reynolds,

Into The Deeps:


“Into the Deeps” juggles humorous bits of mime, song-and-dance and sketch comedy, with nods to everything from Samuel Beckett to Esther Williams musicals." - Dusty Somers, Seattle Times

Mad Scientist Cabaret:

"...approaches the anarchic comic genius of Monty Python..." - Dusty Somers, Seattle Times


Villains Sketch Fest 2016 Preview:  City Arts Magazine

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